DISCOVER INDIA TOURS & TRAVELS (DITT), the name arrived in the horizon in 1994 and made its presence felt almost immediately, so much so, that the market leaders or the so-called tourism giants were compelled to revise their programs with a view to revitalizing their position in the industry.

However the entire DITT Team are an inspired lot and till date are working meticulously, so that the tourists get their lifetime experience while vacationing with DISCOVER INDIA TOURS & TRAVELS. The salient feature of DISCOVER INDIA TOURS & TRAVELS is the fact that it launches individual programs after the minutest details are taken care of, which obviously involves plenty of homework.

Initially, most of the Discover India's activities were confined to North East India only, but observing the spontaneous response it has received from the general tourists, the management ofDISCOVER INDIA TOURS & TRAVELS has decided to extend its range of operations beyond the borders of the region. The result, clients now have a golden opportunity of savouring the sameDITT hospitality in respect of global tour programs.