It is a landlocked country between China and India. It is a country of amazing extremes, the world `s highest mountain, extends over a third or 800 kilometers traverses through Nepal. Among the 31 prominent Himalayan peaks, 11 are in Nepal including Sagarmatha, 8848 meters, Kanchenjunga, 8586 meters, Lho Tse, 8516 meters, Makalu, 8463 meters, Cho Oyu, 8201 meters, Dhaulagiri, 8167 meters, Manaslu, 8163 meters and Annapurna, 8091 meters. The country is known for the majestic Himalayas, astonishing geographic diversity and beauty, pristine forests, crystal clear lakes, towering peaks and ancient cities. Nepal believed by scholars to be derived from the word "Nepa" which refers to the Newar Kingdom of Kathmandu Valley. Its antiquity can be guessed from Sambat calendar, named after the Newar kingdom and devised 1100 years ago and is still in use. It is commonly is divided into three broad physiographic areas i.e. the Mountain Region, the Hill Region, and the Tarai Region. Nepal experiences five seasons - summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and spring and it is divided into 14 zones and 75 districts. Nepal is a dream destinations and hotspot of mountaineering and trekking, containing some o

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Mount Everest